Thank you for choosing Interhotel Sandanski! Please, read the hotel policy:


  1. These rules are developed based on the current Bulgarian legislation.
  2. Interhotel Sandanski guarantees its guests observance of confidentiality.
  3. The administration of the hotel may terminate the provision of services to those visitors who violate the rules and the hotel policy.


  1. The hotel works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check-out time is 12:00h, check-in is after 15:00h.
  2. Upon arrival at the hotel, the guest is obliged to submit a personal document.
  3. In early termination of the stay the amount paid is not refundable.
  4. Late check-out is paid according to the rates of the hotel and is provided only if there are available rooms in the hotel.
  5. Rooms are cleaned until 16:00h. If you put a „Do not disturb“ sign and after 16:00h. you change it with „Please, make up the room“, the room will not be cleaned. Please, call Reception.
  6. Mini bar consumption is charged according to the pricelist in the room.
  7. Breakfast is served in the hotel restaurant from 7:00h until 10:00h.
  8. Taking out food from the restaurant is charged a fee, which is determined by the type of exported goods.
  9. Please leave your valuable belongings and documents in a safe – in the room or at the Reception. Items left unattended in the room or in the hotel are guests responsibility.
  10. Forgotten guests belongings are kept up to 1 month.
  11. Please keep the property of the hotel and observe fire safety rules. Before leaving the room, please close windows, water taps, turn off the light and appliances. The guest compensates the value of the damaged property at the hotel.
  12. The hotel also operates a video surveillance system / with the exception of toilets, hotel rooms and some areas in the SPA zone/. Using the services of the hotel, you agree with video surveillance.
  13. Please note that paring spots are subject to availability and cannot be reserved. The hotel does not take responsibility in case your car is damaged at the hotel parking.
  14. You may leave your comments and recommendations in the questionnaire in the room or in the review book at the reception desk.
  15. Guests, who do not respect the hotel policy or have inappropriate behavior may be forced to leave the hotel without any refund for the prepaid amount.


  1. Smoking indoor is prohibited in all areas of the hotel, as well as smoking in the pool area, out of the smoking area. In case of violation, a fee for 100 BG leva will be added to your hotel bill.
  2. Usage of electrical and gas appliances in the room.
  3. Giving your room key to other people, who don’t share your room.
  4. Keeping flammable materials, as well as other dangerous for other peoples’ health materials in your room.
  5. Moving hotel furniture in the room or moving it out of the room.
  6. Aggressive behavior and acts, threatening the health and property of others.
  7. Damage of hotel property.
  8. Car parking entrances, exits, lawns and paring in a way that blocks the traffic.
  9. Staying in the hotel with pets.