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Mineral water - the wealth of Sandanski

Mineral water - the wealth of Sandanski

Sandanski town is popular for its mineral springs in the area. They are around 80. Since ancient times, mineral water has been an attractive force for people and is one of the reasons for the creation, development and prosperity of the town.

It is an officially recognized natural balneological center for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system. The favorable climate in the area contributes a lot to this as well. It is located at the foot of the Pirin mountain and is located on both sides of the Sandanska Bistrica river. Visitors from Bulgaria and abroad choose Sandanski as a destination for vacation or treatment all year long.

The springs in the area have a temperature of 42-81°C. The mineralization of the water is low and varies around 0.57 – 0.69 g. The healing properties of the water are due to the rich chemical composition. Part of it are the following elements: boron, lithium, strontium, germanium and other metals. The water also contains hyperthermal, hydrocarbonate, sulfate, sodium, fluoride (F=4 -7 mg/l), metasilicic acid. The mineral waters in the area are clear, odorless and safe to drink.

One of the most visited places with mineral water is the fountain in front of Interhotel Sandanski. The easily accessible site is an iconic location for the town. It is located directly in front of the hotel, next to the bridge over the Sandanska Bistrica river, and behind it begins the "Sveti Vrach" park. The water temperature is around 76°C.

The mineral water at Interhotel Sandanski is used year-round in all pools around the hotel. Guests can swim in the indoor pool, which is semi-Olympic in size - 25M X 12.5M. Its water temperature is 30 - 32 °C. The two outdoor pools have temperatures of 30-32 °C and 36-38 °C.

Mineral water is used in all spa treatments and programs. The spa center is located on three levels and offers a sauna, steam bath and rooms for medical, spa and cosmetic procedures. Hydrotherapy, relaxation and healing programs and much more are available. A preferred spa treatment by hotel guests is the luxury experience, which includes a hot tub, ozone body scrub, thermal body mask, and an ozone finishing cream. Find out more about all therapies here.

The balneological and medical center at Interhotel Sandanski is one of the first on the Balkan Peninsula. To this day, it is a preferred location for treatment by people with problems like:

  • diseases of the upper respiratory tract: chronic rhinitis, sinusitis;
  • non-specific lung diseases: chronic bronchitis, conditions after pneumonia or COPD;
  • neuralgic indicators: plexitis, radiculitis, discopathy;
  • skin allergy: urticaria, psoriasis;
  • some kidney diseases and disorders of the digestive system.

The balneological complex at Interhotel Sandanski is recommended by specialists as a center for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis - generalized and post-fracture, diseases of the musculoskeletal system - arthrosis and arthrosis.

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Learn more about all procedures here.